For the last several days, I’ve been racing around getting the farm all gussied up for the kickoff of the Floret workshop season. Everyone here is filled with nervous excitement. Tomorrow morning bright and early, we’ll be welcoming a small group of folks from across the U.S. and Canada to our Flower Farming Intensive, a three-day workshop where we’ll be sharing some of our very best growing tricks, design techniques and tips for building a flower-based business. Among the many tips I’ll be sharing, is the emphasis on good photography to document and share the beauty you are growing and designing. A few years ago, Chris and I took the Eyes Open Creative Photography E-Course and it was a real game-changer. As I’ve shared previously, completing the e-course is what enabled us to hone our photography skills and really take Floret’s blog, website and social media posts to the next level. Erin Little is the talented photographer and blogger, who created the course. She has a great eye for capturing everyday life in such beautiful, creative and compelling ways. The approachable style and flexible format of Erin’s e-course made it possible for me to finally understand all of the photography terms that I previously found so intimidating and confusing. I recommend the course to everyone who attends a Floret on-farm workshop and anyone who is looking to up their game when it comes to taking great photos–whether they are of flowers, family or whatever your subject is on the other side of the lens.