Our program for reseller

BMOSS Pro is a program for graphic designers, photographers, marketers, agencies and others who create and sell printed materials. As a member, you’ll save time by shipping orders directly to clients, as all products and packages are 100% unbranded. Sign up and save money with consistent discounts. Your savings can be passed along to clients, or put back into your business. And you set your own prices and commission.

What happens after I join BMOSS PRO ?

Your benefits are effective immediately, so you can start saving right away. And keep an eye out, we'll send along some information to help you make the most of your membership.We will send you samples kits to show to your client. You can use all the existing designs, to make your own design for your client and contact us for custom models ( not only those shown on the platform).

Will my clients know I use bmoss platform?

As far as your clients are aware, everything is coming directly from you. The products you create using our program are unbranded and delivered in unbranded packaging. And the 3D preview that you can send to your client is totally unbranded.

Will BMOSS contact my clients?

No. Vistaprint will never contact your clients.

What if I need help?

Our Customer Care Team works exclusively with BMOSS PRO program. Just call 1.800.721.6216, Mon. – Fri., 8am – Midnight, and Sat. & Sun., 8am – 6pm ET.

How do I view my product and shipping prices?

Get a look on the product you are looking for , your price is the price shown on the platform minus your special pro discount.

Bmoss pro members also enjoy direct delivery to clients at no extra cost and can refer to our standard delivery costs.

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